Gateau Normand



  • 225g flour
  •  95g butter (75g + 20g- Weighed)
  •  90g sugar (75g + 15g weighed)
  • 150ml cider
  • 3 apples (280g peeled weight)
  • 150g frozen raspberries
  • 75g rasins
  • 1 egg
  • half tsp salt


  1. Rinse the raisins and then soak them in the cider. Peel the apples, take the pips out and dice. Melt 20g of butter in a pan and add the apples, Then add the 15g of sugar and caramalise.
  2. Mix the yeast, flour and salt, work in the butter until you have coarse paste. Then add the raisins, 75g of sugar and the egg and mix well. When mixed add the apples.
  3. Add half the mixture to an oven proof dish then add the raspberry’s to cover the whole layer finally cover the raspberry’s with the remaining mixture.
  4. Cook for 45 minutes on 180 degrees Celsius
  5. Leave to cool a little then remove it from the dish onto a drying rack to cool further.
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