Cider process

Cider process


apples To craft our cider we use a combination of apple varieties.  Three different sorts are taken to produce a balanced cider. To achieve this balance we consider aroma, sweetness and tannin to be the key elements. The budimka variety is an indigenous apple to Serbia. Grown in the southern mountains this wild apple produces subtle tannins. The Jonathan variety produces a light floral aromas and lastly ajdared leaves a natural sweetness in the finished cider.


pressingAll our apples are hand selected and washed to get the best possible quality of juice. The apples are then milled and loaded into our press. The press works by building layers of apple using a rack and cloth system. The clothes are filled with the milled apple and built up in layers using the wooden racks.

Fermentation and Maturation

fermentAfter pressing the apple juice is left to settle for twenty four hours. This settling period allows the juice to clear before fermentation. The juice is then transferred into a new barrel where the magic of fermentation begins. When fermentation is over the now alcoholic apple juice is moved to another barrel, this allows the sediment produced by fermentation to be left behind. The cider is then left to mature in an airtight barrel. Air is the enemy at this stage so all barrels are closely monitored and tasted until we believe the cider is at its best. When we feel maturation has done its job the cider is ready to be packaged and enjoyed by our cider fans.

From bag and box the cider is dispensed through draught machines found in any good pub and café in Novi sad.