How to roast pork loin with crackling

The combination of juicy sweet roast pork and tooth-shatteringly crisp crackling is a dream come true.

Chicken, cider and apple casserole

A classic casserole recipe that the whole family will enjoy. You can use chicken thighs or legs in place of the chicken breasts.

Pork chops with apples and cider

The great thing about this dish is you can either cook it quickly on a high heat or cook it for hours on low.

Parsnip Soup

Slow cooked pork shoulder with cider and parsnips.
Ingredients – 1tbsp Olive Oil, Knob butter, 1 large onion, 500g Parsnips, s cloves garlic, 250ml cider, 500ml veg/chicken stock, sprig thyme, seasoning.

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